Mama Cow

In February of this year, we saw a frantic Mama Cow, with her baby lying on the ground.  She kept running back and forth, clearly distraught (with the placenta still yet to be delivered).  Sandor wanted to document the moment, and caught these images of shared angst.  They responded to the Mama’s running to and fro, by encircling the calf, in a demonstration of protection and concern.

The baby was not standing up, which had all the cows gathered around to aid the Mama (center, brown).  Sorry to say I don’t know what happened to it, but never saw it in the herd after the farmer took it to see what could be done.

I wanted to share these again, having come across this article on a bovine Sophie’s Choice, from Veterinarian Holly Cheever, who wrote, “It’s no wonder that Shakespeare called the cow the mother of mankind.”What happens to this gentle animal and its babies in the dairy industry is unspeakable.  That’s why I support Farm Sanctuary, who are courageously (with heart) winning hearts and minds over — that these are creatures who value their lives and have inherent rights.  You can donate to them through my Sleep in for Animals page, or visit their site directly.  Thanks for stopping by!

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