Meet Fifi Pumpkin

“Fifi Pumpkin Schmitt Rice” fell off a slaughter truck on a busy highway in Nashville earlier this week.  Luckily, Fifi had an angel that day in Kelley Schmitt, who shared with our Savannah Backyard Chickens group this tale of survival and compassion.

From Kelley Schmitt:

I KNEW IT: I knew the day would come when I would be driving home and a chicken would be on the interstate, having fallen off a truck, probably heading to slaughter. Luckily it wasn’t a pig or cow.

Her friend had died by hitting her head I believe on the concrete and the one that was still alive was bleeding, just sitting there as hundreds of cars zoomed home at rush hour traffic. Her tail was ripped out, I believe in the fall from the truck and her legs had road rash.

Scooped up to safety, I tossed her in my car and went back to get the body of her friend, who we buried at the house. Driving home the rest of the way, I thought, I now have a chicken in my car. And smiled in a non believing way.
She is doing great and walks around the back yard and sits by my dog Riley in the sun.

Folks, it’s the final week for the Sleep in for Animals for Farm Sanctuary!  This is an organization working hard to improve the quality of life for birds like Fifi.  And to bring home that they’re living beings, with the right to live naturally and with dignity.  If you’re inspired, please visit my donation page.  All goes to Farm Sanctuary, who has had major successes lately, in elevating standards for the bird that gives so much.  And bless you Kelley Schmitt for having a big heart AND for sharing your story!

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