Spontaneous Farm Tour on Day One

Big synchronicity on Day One of  my Walk for Farm Animals.  After a year of seeing this Mother & Son donkey duo on my walks, they eeyored at me and ran to the fence!  Then I met Emily their kind caretaker, who told me their names are Alice and Eeyore.

“Why do people keep donkeys?” I asked her, always wanting to know.  Just as a pet, a friend, she said.  The shy goat that hides in his stall is Ike (or Mike) and is 12- years old.   They hand raised Ike, but he’s an introvert by nature, and as Emily said, “it has to be on his terms.”

Emily showed me her hen yard, with a nice big tree for shade and clover delivered daily.  A farm with well-loved animals is a sweet thing to experience.  It was super hot today and I felt drunk from the humidity when I hit the dirt road back home.  A surprise encounter with  a neighbor who actually wanted to show off her animals, and a great first day out.  Thanks for your support with the walk!

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